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Review by Mr. Anas Shaikh


Especial thank to the supportive staff, I would like to continue using their products

NTPC Limited

Review by Shabab Khan


I have purchased 1 Liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The moment I opened the bottle I noticed the purity by its rich aroma and after consuming it I literally felt the product to be of great quality and it has boosted my confidence to trust on it. I have replaced all my oil essentials with Seedoil products.Happy Customer


Review by Jyoti


I had been hearing about cold pressed oil superior to other oil for quite some time now and then I came across Seedoil's Organic Coconut Oil online. After applying it on my hair for a week I notice hair fall control to a great extent. Thank you Seedoil


Review by Durga Kulkarni


I was looking for the best cold pressed oils for cooking because the refined oils nowadays don’t have any nutritional values. Then I came across Seedoil brand, after seeing the reviews I ordered Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It turned out to be the best nutritional oil as i am using it from past couple of months. It’s now time to say goodbye to refined oils and switch to Seedoil’s Organic Oils.

M/S.Besten Engineers

Review by Irfan


I am using Seedoil Extra Virgin olive oil it is best organic product for health benefit for nutirional purpose. Swtiching to Seedoil's Olive oil lowererd the health risk caused due to refine oils.

Multiple Import and Export Inc.

Review by Ketan Ovhal


I am using this olive oil from last 4 months and the results are excellent. my skin started glowing after applying the oil. i use this olive oil for my salad dressing and for the routine body massage. really fell in love with product and you can buy this olive oil blindly . the price the olive oil is also reasonable.